Laptop dell inspiron 8600 troubleshooting

my sis-in-law has a dell inspiron laptop with windows 7 home premium 64 bit.. She has lost her ability to access the internet. When she tries, she gets--diagnosis connection problems. Her modem/router has all lights on and everything else is as it was a week before the inability to access the internet.A red circle with a line through it shows when she tries to access the internet. Is it something simple that has been turned on. We are senior citizens, cyber challenged, and need some advice.
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  1. is the wifi on the computer turned on?
  2. It could be router and modem combination. Is there any other PCs or laptops in the house? if not and this is the only one. Turn off in this order, laptop first, next router and last modem, last 2 you can simply unplug from power. Leave it unplugged and turned off for at least 15 minutes - router and modem reset. When starting connect or turn on modem first, give some time to boot completely, next same with router, when everything ready - start your laptop.

    Report back.
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