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My mobo has 8 pin cpu plug and retailer put 4 pin into it and it works

i bought my rig from a retailor and he put a cheap ass psu into it and i was wondering how come the mobo has 8 pin cpu power connector and it works fine with a 4 pin one. here is the mobo
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    From what I've heard the 8pin is only for higher wattage CPUs and for delivering extra power needed when OCing. If you put in a low enough wattage CPU, you don't need the 8pin and the 4 will work. I personally have never got an 8pin board to work with only a 4 pin PSU. Only CPU I've tried it on is an E6600 however.
  2. What are the specs on this rig?

    My MB has the 8 pin as you described & I used the 8 pin. Out of the bag, 4 of the pins are blocked off.
    If you don't intend to OC then you are fine. You will need the 8 if you upgrade the memory to 1600mhz or more
    as it requires more voltage to keep it stable.
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