Assembling a Budget L4D2 build.

Building a budget gaming pc (mainly for Left 4 Dead 2), and having only a little experience with gaming builds I thought I should ask for some advice.

Approx. Purchase: ASAP
Budget: Anything under 600, preferably much lower (bang for the buck)
Parts not needed: Monitor (will be using an old CRT, possibly upgrading later), keyboard, mouse, OS, CD/DVD drive (will be using mine to install, and then switching it back)
Preferred site:
Overclocking: Never tried it, but I'm willing to.
Monitor Resolution: probably never over 1024x1280

It's important for this build to be both lasting and worth the money (obviously).

I'm not looking to run the game at top-notch settings (I'd like to get close, of course), as this build is intended for a non-gamer friend.

I've been browsing Newegg myself and I've assembled what I think is a good start. My problem is narrowing it down... particularly with the psu. I'm unsure of just how much power I'll need.

So... posting what I have so far:

(My pc is using the 4670... and the game looks fine. I figured I could always swap cards, if the 5670 is overkill)


(Case comes with a 450 watt Rosewill... not sure if that's enough....)

(Same Mobo, bundled with 4 gb... I was told I'd only need two)

(Same Mobo, with an Athlon x3)

(x3 with a "better" case, this Case includes a 380 watt PSU)

(Stand alone RAM, if it turns out the Cases are worth the combo)

(Less recommended, but more of it)

(Stand alone case, if it turns out the Ram is worth the combo)

As you can see, I'm having trouble making a decision.
Anyone with a comment or advice, please feel free to post it.

Note: With regards to the Mobo, I decided the Pci Express 2.0 was worth not having DDR3 (Comparably priced motherboards had DDR3, but not a single PciE 2.0). If I was mistaken, I'd appreciate being told so.

Thanks for your time.
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    $469 AR The sun is/has gone down on DDR2 platforms so best go with DDR3 platforms for fresh builds ^^ All/any AMD/ATI chipsets as of 2008 beginning with the 770/SB 600 had PCIex16 2.0 lanes ....lowest ends would be 760G (ATI) and GF8100 (Nvidia)
  2. the price diffrence between ddr2 and ddr3 is very small now, so it shouldnt be a problem. also, you should try to get a psu from a larger company, if its bad it can fry your other compnents. antec and corsair are both good. you will probably need no more than 500w. i picked one out higher than 500w, but it was in a combo. also, is 600$ a hard limit or something we should aim for because what i have there is 625.
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    Yes, I know DDR2 is rapidly falling into history... but this build needs to be cheap ($600 is definitely a hard cap, and I'd rather be much lower) due to my friend's (whose pc this will be) financial tendencies. I'm hoping to ease him into homebuilt pcs (using L4D2 as bait) by getting together a low-cost build that he'd be willing to try.

    Too pricey, and he won't buy it... too low-end/nearing extinction, and he won't build another.

    Based on that, I figured the price difference between a DDR2 build, and a DDR3 build would be worth dealing with DDR2's age. Apparently, I was wrong, though... as Batuchka's build isn't all that different from my build (using the non-case psu, which now seems to be neccessary). Hopefully, he'll loosen his purse strings.

    (To put his spending habits into perspective, he normally buys a $100 pc from Goodwill.)
  4. Actually L4D2 isn't GPU intensive and yes HD 4670- 5670 is fine but if you could nab a better GPU why not? Could come in handy for other more intense games ^^ If it's still steep and mainly L4D2 then at least a HD 5670 hehe
  5. I wouldn't go above 5670, hell at the low resolution you are playing you could probably even get away with less (though as Bat's build is still significantly under your budget I wouldn't)
  6. Thanks for the help, guys.

    I showed the build... and he's a little apprehensive to say the least. Hopefully, I can convince him that a fun weekend is worth the cash.

    ... but even if I can't, I appreciate all your time and effort.

    Thanks, again.
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