5750 crashed on my pc but works on others

I have had a 5750 in my computer for about 1 month and yesterday it just stopped working. It was working fine and I shut down the pc for about 1 hour, then when I turned it back on instead of 1 short beep at start up it made 1 long 2 short and the screen was blank. When I took the card back for warranty, it worked in their machine but still wouldn't work in mine. They gave me a new 5750 card which works fine. Now I am worried that maybe my machine broke the first and could break this as well as I just can't work out how it works in one and not another.
So can anyone tell me why it could work in one machine and not in another?
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  1. Please post your full system specs
  2. Yea, need to know CPU, OS, and especially power supply. Could be the power supply is not strong enough or is failing and somehow a spike or brownout damaged the card. However that does not explain why the card worked on a different computer. Maybe you just had a loose power connector or the card was somehow not seated properly in the motherboard.
    You could also have a driver problem or a virus or some software that is causing intermittant conflicts.
  3. OK sorry everyone new to this. GA-MA770T-UD3 DDR3 mother board, G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB DDR3 1600 ram, AMD AM3 Phenom II x4 925 CPU, 2x Seagate SATA 500GB HDD in RAID-0, Windows 7 64bit. Gigabyte HD5750 PCI-E VGA card, Thermaltake V3 black ed. with 450W PSU.
    The PSU could be a likely cause for concern as it is the one that comes with the V3 case. When I was building this I tried to find out the specs etc and found it difficult to find. MSY told me it is as good as a base model cooler master and when the card crashed another shop looked at my whole system and I asked about the PSU and he said although it isn't that good it should do the job. I don't really put any load on the card as I only play poker on the computer, I don't play 3d games or anything like that.
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  5. 1 long beep 2 short beeps, states that the motherboard can't acces the gpu. If the gpu is fine, then is a motherboard issue. Reset cmos and see what happens.
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