Good SandyBridge(lga1155) SLI MOBO?

Some one please help me. Ok i need a motherboard that will support my Intel SandyBridge I5-2500 which uses an 1155 socket. It also needs to support atleast 1600mhz ddr3 ram, at least 2 way sli, usb 3.0 and 2.0 and all the good stuff. I realy liked gigabytes like the GA-P67A-UD4 but its imposible to find a seller. Can some one PLEASE help me find a mobo(preffered galaxy but other will work) thats supports all the above stats and a verified link to a seller becuase it has been a s*&tless waste of time on newegg, thanks alot again!
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    The reason its been hard to find one in the retail channel is because they were recalled for a sataII 2 issue. You should really wait to get the ones that will be comming out in the next few weeks. They need to have the marking or indication that they are B3 stepping. As thats the corrected chipset.
    I like gigabyte also. EVGA is also good but seems to be a bit more costly.
    I wouldn't get the open box if you can wait. as they are the ucorrected versions of the chipset.
    If you cant wait and you wont use the bad sataII channel well then its up to you.
  2. I also like Gigabyte but went with an Asus board (P67 Pro) because Gigabyte is behind the times with their BIOS. (DOS mode is fine and all but hey the times they are a changing)

    Otherwise Galeener has summed it all up.
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