5870 Crossfire...Screen flicker (large to small picture)

So i just recently received my 2 XFX 5870s. I bought them used on Ebay, they were apparently the best overclockers out of a lot of 30 cards. 950 Core, 1225 Mem @ 1.25V on air. Enough with the useless info, onto the problem.

I installed the cards properly with only one crossfire bride and the correct power connections. I have 3 monitors for eyefinity, but i'm just trying to get one working for now just for benchmarks sake.

Whenever I launch most any/all games the screen will flicker back and forth between a full screen picture and a smaller downsized picture. I've read up trying to find a solution but the best I came up with is to disable Catalyst AI, but that disables the use of multiple GPUs which completely defeats the purpose of crossfire. I also heard this is some kind of scaling issue.

Anybody care to add any input?
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  1. Would the cards work if they were by themselves? I would try to download Catalyst 10.4 along with that.
  2. after further investigation...

    I've found that using eyefinity fixes all problems. Perhaps it's being caused by unused monitors being plugged in.

    It still did it even with 10.4.
  3. Well unfortunately, the problem still persists...

    If I want to play a game that doesn't support super wide screen, I would have to use regular 1920x1080. Only problem with that is that it does that stupid flickering.

    Is the only fix not using 2 GPUs in a game? IE turning off catalyst AI. I'm also using 10.4 and it doesn't work.
  4. It may be the overclock. Try going back to default 850/1200 and see if the problem continues. I am having a similar problem while overclocking/underclocking my 5870. Although my problems happen because of the idle clocks ( for mine is 400/1200 ), when overclocking/underclocking it makes my card idle at 157/300 which is too low for two monitors and causes the half screen ( looks like a window all the way across the screen ) to flicker.
  5. This helped me with my flickering except i was running 2 monitors:

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