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Hi, I'd be very grateful for any help.

I have two issues. I need to unistall realtek multimedia audio controller but it stays on my pc despite a reboot. When installing, it almost caused a crash. I installed it from online as a guess that it would be a fix after my second issue occurred.

Second issue is I think I need to install the now correct driver for this audio controller after mistakenly uninstalling it manually. There is no sound from my machine and a now-missing speakers icon since I uninstalled the audio controller.

The symptoms I'm getting are a yellow exclamation mark in device manager beside multimedia audio controller. It gives a "device not configured properly, code 1" error message in the controller properties. think this relates to the incorrectly installed Realtek.

I've tried updating the driver in device manager but it says can't find the software. I do have an xp operating system disc cd but when trying to install it, it says can't use because there is a newer version installed on pc and won't work.

I can provide more specs if necessary. My pc is a dell optiplex gx280 using windows XP. I've tried some softwares that search your pc for the correct missing driver which won’t cause a conflict or hassle, but these search softwares are either highly chargeable or gave me the wrong suggestion (realtek controller).

Am truly exhausted after much research online. Please help. I'm not working and can't afford to pay for hardware or software fix.
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  1. kenrivers said:

    Thanks, I managed a full machine scan which found no hardware conflicts or faults, strange seeing as I know I've deleted a necessary driver. It's chargeable for me to look up a driver on here I need a warranty and unfortunately it has expired. I'm very skint so paying isn't an option. Can anyone still shed some light on finding a multimedia audio controller driver compatible with a dell optiplex gx280 that ISNT a realtek AC'97 (as this has crashed)?
  2. Other than Dell the only thing I can think of is to try to find out who made the audio card and look for a driver there. Just out of curiosity where did you download the driver that failed?
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