Core i7 920 Corsair liquid cooler

Does anyone know if this cooler:

will fit in this case?

The directions say to mount it as an intake most likely on the front bezel, but from the pictures it doesn't look like it would reach.

Or should I buy an air cooler instead?
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  1. Well, I would buy an air cooler, but if you stick with the H50, I'm fairly certain it will fit the Antec 300. I'm not sure what the directions say, but most people mount the fans on the rear of the case.
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    Long as you have a top mounted exhaust fan, you can safely convert your rear 120mm fan to an intake. On a side note, use the 120mm fan that comes with the case to set up the H50 in a push/pull config over the radiator.

    You will need to go to a hardware store for the required pieces to add a 2nd fan.
  3. i see that you have the same cooler im interested in. have you ever needed to refill it/ how long have you had it for?
  4. There is no maintenance, which is one of the most attractive things about the H50. I have had it only about 4 months. But I love mine. Simple install, no maintenance, quieter than my last HSF and better performance.
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