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Need advice on optimizing air cooling (pics of case included)

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June 5, 2010 9:25:38 PM

Phenom II x4 955 (stock hsf)
4GB PC5300 RAM
MSI 770-C45 AM2+
RADEON 4850 512MB (stock hsf)
250 Seagate Barricuda SATA

CPU idle temp 25-31 celcius
GPU idle temp 35 celcius

(testing temps under load today and I will post results)

Looking for pointers on case cooling. Ive done some reading on negative pressure vs. positive pressure, fan position, etc. but I still feel ignorant on the subject. These pictures should pretty much sum up what im doing with my case, do you see anything unnecessary? A few of the fans are rigged in, erm, unorthodox ways. I plan to secure them better once I've finalized my cooling "concept". Ive also organized the wires better since I took these photos.

Disc drive bays are covered with a stretched out and perforated piece of sock (as I scrounge for a suitable replacement) for filtering, 2x 80mm fans behind it

Hard drive bay with 80mm fan pulling in through lower front case vent

Also, I have this empty PCI-e slot I would love to use, but standard slot fans are too wide and my north bridge is too tall. Anyone know of any skinny or adjustable snake-like slot fans?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

June 5, 2010 9:45:28 PM

Gross, buy a case that aint from the 80s.
You dont need all of those crappy generic fans, the cpu and the 120mm fan is more then enough.
80mm fans suck they move no air, and they are way to loud. Get rid of all the 80mm fans.
If you want lots of fans buy a case that is ready for lots of 120 mm fans.
June 5, 2010 9:59:35 PM

I probably should have mentioned my tower wont be in any beauty shows, so I could care less what it looks like and clearly thats not where I focused my investment. These 80mm fans arent loud at all. I bought a 10pack of them a year ago and none have failed yet, so I have the reserves if any of them go bad.

If it all boils down to CFM, and my 80mm fans move 30CFM each, what good would replacing them do? Wouldnt that be a lateral move as far as benefit?