Mark Partition As Active(Wrong Drive)

Hey, I was fiddling around with my recording drive a few days ago and I hit the "Mark Partition as Active" option on my X Drive(recording drive) and now everytime I try and boot up my system it gives me "Missing BootMGR Press ctrl+alt+del to reboot"
Meaning my system is trying to boot from my X drive and not my C drive, easily override it by unplugging my X drive and starting up my system but annoying when I have to do that in the long run.

What can I do?

Windows 7
2-1 TB WD Blacks as C and X
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  1. all you need to do is enter your bios and change the boot order to whichever drive you want to boot from.
  2. nhasian said:
    all you need to do is enter your bios and change the boot order to whichever drive you want to boot from.

    My bios just says Hard drive, doesnt give me an option between either or.
  3. the problem is that he just make the wrong partition as active, not the disk Boot Sequence. To solve this problem, you could try the three methods below:

    A-the Win PE bootable CD to boot in WINPE,and then reactive your C drive.
    B-use other partition software which integrate bootable CD
    C- Connected your hard drive to another computer as a slave drive, then reactive your boot partition.
    D-If you know how to use Dos Command, you could also reactive your partition in dos mode.
  4. Never did get a good reply to Ill go feather into the problem.

    I selected "mark partition as active" on my recording drive. Now when I put up my computer it thinks my recording drive is my main system drive and will error and say "Missing BootMGR Press ctrl+alt+del to reboot" So I have to unplug that drive and reboot and It works.

    Ill try to mark partition as active on my main drive (c drive) but its greyed out.

    Question: How do I "Unactivate" my E drive and stop it from acting like my primary drive?
  5. Fixed, if anyone runs into the same problems as I did this is what I did


    You can use the following steps to de-active a active partition:

    1. Open Command Prompt.

    2. Type: diskpart

    3. At the DISKPART prompt, type: list disk (This command will list all the disks that you have)

    4. In the next prompt, type: select disk # ( # means the number of the disk which contain the wrong active partition )

    5. At the DISKPART prompt, type: list partition

    6. Use the command: select partition # (# means the number of the partition that you want to mark as active)

    7. Inactive the active partition with command: inactive

    Important Note: We strongly recommend that perform a full backup before this procedure.

    By the way, there is a helpful article about disk management, for your reference:
  6. Please help ASAP i done the same thing as you bippster and i can't boot anything it just pops up saying my BootMGN is missing and i don;t know how to open the command propt like you said is there a certin button i need to press? please help
  7. Bipter u just saved my bacon
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