Windows boots slower after a full format?

I just formatted my computer because of some problems, and now it boots about 4-5 seconds slower...

Before the 4 points barely formed into a flag and it booted already, now it forms into a flag and stays like that for these 4-5 seconds before it boots. Any ideas what it is? (I want maximum performance.)

SSD Is an Intel 320 120GB and yes I did secure erase when I saw its slower, no affect.
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  1. Okay, apparently there was an external hard drive connected, that caused it, but its still slightly longer than before (around a second longer)
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    great I'm glad you found the culprit :)
  3. nhasian said:
    great I'm glad you found the culprit :)

    Yes, but its still a little bit slower, so I'm doing a full format to the other drives, since the cause was one of them.
  4. Hmmm...... You mentioned a secure erase. Did you do a clean install of Microsoft Windows 7? There is a possibility the startup items changed.
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