Had blue screen. Reinstalled xp professional. Can\'t get connected to internet e

Computer crashed. Had blue screen. Reinstalled xp professional. Cannot connect to internet even though it says I am connected. Am I missing a setting somewhere? I have lost everything :sweat:
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  1. are you connected to a modem with router ?
    go to your connection icon on taskbar , open it and click on support .
    then click on details

    check if you are getting the ip from your router ?
    also check the subnet mask , usually is

    other option is open cmd command from run tab in start up .
    and write : ipconfig /release
    and next : ip config /renew

    if all those steps didnt work yet , then check if you dont have configured a static ip on your tcp-ip properties in connection icon on tab .

    like this :

    and this :

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