Help hooking up HDMI monitor to xbox 360

Hi. I just bought a 360 and want to hook it up to my Acer P235H monitor. I am using HDMI to HDMI. At first I got the start up screen with poor colors and weird looking screen and then the screen would go black for about 10 seconds and come back on and then go black again. I set the xbox to every available resolution (480, 720, 1080, preferred) and it made no difference. Same black screen flashing on and off. I hooked it up to my tv to see if it was the console. Worked fine but looks like crap on my old tv. Now when I hook it back up to the monitor I get nothing. The monitor wont even turn on for it. I have set the monitor to HDMI input. Nothing works. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. If you hook it up to a computer would it work?
  2. Sounds like a bad monitor.
  3. heres a off topic question, y the *** did u buy a box when comp is uber kik ass.
  4. rescawen said:
    heres a off topic question, y the *** did u buy a box when comp is uber kik ass.

    - A lot less constant hacking and cheating compared to PC multiplayer games

    - More people tend to own a head set so people talk more

    - Playing FPS with XBOX FPS loving pads are fun (I would like to just stay in XBOX community and play with other people using pads. Yes mouse and keyboard might be easier to get used to but there is no vibration or trigger button and some people just prefer controllers better)

    - games like Halo Reach or GOW3 wont come out for PC

    and so on~

    I dont know why people do this XBOX is bettter this is better blahblahblah
    man people have different taste in different stuff and people are looking for difference experience....
    Not everyone is better of with PC or XBOX or PS3 -_-
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