Crossfire on Nforce board SUCCESS

I have made my powercolor 3850s crossfire successfully on my p5n-e SLI

it took some driver manipulation but no bios hacks what soever and i have the latests nforce drivers on my system.

its vista ultimate 32 bit.

i downloaded the DNA 8.9 catalysts. installed them (with the opengl 7.11 hack enabled) now i know this is an old driver. i have not tried new ones yet.

rebooted. the control center still said my second adapter was disabled.

in my resarch i had heard that the dell xps 730 h2c was specially hacked to have 2 3870x2s on a 680i nvidia board.

so all i did was go to device manager and force one of my cards to take the 3870x2 driver from the dell driver from their support site R190847.exe is the file.

when i rebooted the system the catalyst control center had crossfire now enabled!

i then changed the driver back to the dna driver on that card from the 3870x2 and rebooted. the crossfire is still enabled!

i have played just cause 2 in 1366x768 and it runs great. i have not had time to do a real benchmark yet.

so i don't know if this is any big deal. maybe i got lucky and i have a very similar set up to the xps. i heard also dell refuses to release a 64 bit version of this hacked radeon driver.

but what i think i have accomplished is that contrary to what i saw a dell rep say it is NOT a bios limitation keeping crossfire off of nvidia boards. its just the ati driver. i have the latest nforce drivers so that isn't limiting it.

so i have access to nicer cards. i was going to see if maybe now for some reason i would be able to run 2 5750s now.

so maybe someone smarter than me with my system as a petree dish would like to tell me how i could make this into some sort of hacked catalyst driver that would work on other nvidia boards.

thanks for reading
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  1. Just an update if anybody cares i was able to get my drivers updated to the latest catalyst 10.4s with my 3850s in crossfire.

    i updated the driver manually in device manager and installed the catalyst control center separately.

    i still have crossfire so i would think there would be know problem using a nicer card like a 5800 or 5700 series.

    i also have found the vista 64bit driver on dell's site for the hacked xps 730 h2c so i don't see why this shouldnt work in 64 bit os either. i will try when i get more RAM.
  2. what i will do is start with a clean fully up to date install on monday with 2 5750s and then try the hacks in the same order. i think that the driver Inf can just be modified to make it accept all cards. i will run a compare on the infs to see if there is some sort of special difference in them.

    i will then try and release a packaged driver with the hacks built in. i just dont think the catalyst package it self can be installed because it will remove all old traces

    i think after you use the old dell inf and activate crossfire you can then manually update the driver for the displays in device manager with the new 10.4 driver then install the catalyst package unchecking everything except the catalyst control center.

    there has to be a way to release a nice easy automated install but i don't know how to script it. if anyone has an ideas i would be open to it if anyone else has any interest.
  3. Can you please indicate how you did some of the things you say in this post? I am trying to make 2 ASUS 4870s work on an XFX 750i SLI board. I'm not sure how to do the following:

    "force one of my cards to take the 3870x2 driver from the dell driver from their support site"

    I got the 4870s version driver from Dell and unpackaged it onto my computer, but I'm not sure how to force the card to use the driver. If I try through device manager, it says that the driver is already up to date. If I uninstall the driver and then scan for hardware changes, Windows 7 automatically installs the driver again and I'm in the same boat.

    Also, when you say:

    "i then changed the driver back to the dna driver on that card from the 3870x2 and rebooted"

    How did you change the driver exactly? Did you rollback or repeat what you did to select the Dell driver?

    If you guide me through these steps I can tell you whether it worked for my setup which should help you in this task.

  4. Dude, you freakin' rock! Thank you so so so so much!!

    Also, who knew Dell would be the solution to all my problems?

    So for anyone who also has Windows 7, and is curious as to how I got around my issue in the previous post, here goes:

    1) Uninstall your secondary card in Device Manager (one that you don't have your monitor plugged into)
    2) Windows button -> Search for gpedit.msc
    3) On the left side go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Device Installation -> Device Installation Restrictions
    4) Find "Prevent installation of devices not described by other policy settings"
    5) Right-click, Edit
    6) Click Enabled
    7) OK
    8) No, you don't have to restart even though it says you do... keep that window up. Now go to Device Manager -> Click Display adapters -> Action -> Scan for hardware changes
    9) It should show your new device under something like "Video devices" and it should try to install drivers and fail
    10) Go back to the Policy Editor and revert the change you made to the policy so that you can manually install the driver.
    10) Right-click on the device and go to Update Driver Software
    11) Select Browse local computer and find where the Dell drivers were unpackaged. It should find and install the driver.
    12) As cnoffsin said, restart and CrossfireX should be available now!
    13) Now you can go in and do Update Driver Software again, but just let Windows search for and install the driver, which will install your original driver, but when you reboot CrossfireX will still be available.

    GPU-Z says CrossfireX is enabled, but now time for the true test... Will go benchmark L4D2 with the settings that previously got me 80 FPS and see what I get!

    [Edit] I got 80 FPS still... Have you benchmarked this at all against having just one card in? I think it might be just faking out GPU-Z into thinking it is enabled when it is not.
  5. and i guess in the catalyst control center it says crossfire is enblaed and that the card is linked not disabled?

    my cards are so crappy (3850s) that i cant really get a good bead on wether its working well or not to be honest. i had the 2 cards given to me that is why i did it.

    to force the driver i just did manually select driver and picked those 3870x2s that were in the inf.

    i'm sorry man i hope you get it worked out. did you install the latest catalysts? i used the xtreme-g 10.4s last. i havent been able to really benchmark my pc because i took a net admin job across the country from my pc recently.

    let me know what happenes
  6. I gave up, I'm gonna get a new board, so unfortunately I can't help you figure it out.

    Yes, CCC said CrossfireX was enabled
    Yes, the card was labeled as a "Linked Adapter"
    Yes, I had the latest catalyst drivers

    As far as I can tell from researching this issue, there is a hardware switch inside nForce boards that detect if the boards you have in are nvidia, and if not, it disables the pci-e pathways between the slots. Some cards like the Diamond xDNA and whatever Dell uses are configured in the hardware to pose as a nvidia card to fool the board into turning on the pathways. The Dell drivers may just be opening up that CrossfireX option even though the pathways are still closed and nothing is happening.

    If you want to benchmark your cards when you get back, get Fraps (free version works fine) which will display your FPS in real-time and can even save benchmark statistics into CSV files (think by default it is F11 to turn benchmarking on/off). Try doing something in-game (assuming the game is programmed to use Crossfire / SLI) and run the Fraps benchmark, then just go into your CCC and disable CrossfireX, and try doing the same thing again and compare the benchmarks. If the average FPS is even close, it's not working. You should realistically expect to see at least 150% the FPS in the CrossfireX test.

    I'd be interested to know if it is truly working for you, even though I'm basically going to have 2 computers now (nvidia board/gfx and a new Intel/ATI setup).

  7. I know this post is old, but I wanted to say that evshell18's post actually works! I just tried it on my ASUS Crosshair ii Formula Motherboard that is ONLY meant to have SLI, there is zero crossfire support.
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