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Hi everyone, im working on building a pc and would like some advice on a few things. This is my first pc build on my own and im making a gaming pc.

I would like to know what motherboard i should get for a gaming pc, and what to look for? I have read tons of articles here, and toms hardware is pretty helpful. I am still very confused tho.

I will probably be going with a AM3 Phenom II processor.

I would like to be able to Crossfire and used two radeon 5770s in the future if needed, so im not totally getting the 16x/4x crossfire that i see most of the boards im looking at having. Could you explain this to me?

I just really don't know what to look for in a motherboard, i have always used workstation pcs with gaming graphic cards in them.

Here is what I have bought so far:
500 GB Caviar Black Hard Drive
Asus Sata optical drive
CM Storm Sniper Case
XFX Radeon 5770 1GB Video Card

So I believe I am lacking:

Any advice for me is appreciated.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: purchasing parts now

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Watching Videos, Homework, Everyday Computing, Anything and Everything

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: newegg, tigerdirect, amazon

OVERCLOCKING: Probably not, but maybe in the future
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  2. sweet that stuff looks great, one question tho, how do i know the cpu is supported by the motherboard like what do i look @?
  3. The CPU should have a socket name (1156, AM3, etc.) and the motherboard should indicate what type of socket it supports in the specifications. Also if you want a good cheap CPU cooler to overclock look at this:
    It's one of the best coolers in it's range.
  4. What about wattages? I dont see it on the board, and i know other boards limit the cpu wattage and stuff like that?
  5. i searched around and I found this (list of supported CPUs):
    It supports the old 140W CPUs and the new 125W ones.
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  7. Hey thanks!
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