Maximum temperature of Hd 4850

hey guyz i have overclocked my hd 4850 with stock coolers , through ati calalyst

So can i know the maximum temp of Hd 4850 my version Sapphire Hd 4850 512 mb

And sometimes my games like Pure and Just cause 2 freezes can anyone tell whether the problem is with the overclock

And also Assacins creed 2 runs a bit slow i n highest settings
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    Try using GPUz to get a temp reading of the 4850 it can take upto 100C but it ain't advisable to be there for too long.
    So on an average you should be playing at 70C and 40-50 at idle. When the rooms ambient temps are between 25 and 35C.
    Freezing can be because of the overclock.
    Download GPUz from , run it, get the screenshots or the log since your game freezes and post it her for a more specific resolve.
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