Replacing Old 50 PIN HDD

My friend owns a local Medical Supply Company. The PC they use to store patient data on is going bad, and they need it replaced. The problem is that this PC is SOOO old, there is no network adapter, and the HDD's are 50 Pin Seagate ST39173N Hdd's. So I cannot even take the drive and put it into my current PC as it is SATA only. How can I copy the data off the old HDD So I can put it on the new one?

The HDD is hooked up in the Old PC via a DTP Adapter card.

I am Including photos of everything for clarity.

What I need, for clarification, is to back up the data on one ST39173N 50 Pin HDD to A NEW Seagate ST39173N HDD. Please help with a solution.

Pictures as promised:

Old Drive

New Drive

Old PC

Old PC Closeup

DPT Adapter Card
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  1. You would need something that would support the scsi drive, not sure what but you should be able to google for that.

    If it is truly patient data you are dealing with hippa data, and this is very very bad form to post here discussing hooking up a drive with sensitive data to what sounds like your personal computer.

    Take it somewhere that is certified to deal with this data, and have them retrieve the data and make sure to properly dispose of the drive.
  2. Why not install the DPT card (or preferably another DPT PM2124 card) in a PCI slot in your PC, or in an older Pentium PC? Then connect your new ST39173N HDD and experiment safely. Judging by the date codes on the chips, the DPT card appears to date back to early 1995.

    The old DPT SmartCache IV support page is archived here:

    Here is the software page, including drives and SCSI utility:

    The driver files haven't been archived, but you can find them here:
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