After redoing the wiring in my PC . . .

Here's the pics of my rat's nest of cables before:

And now that I spent 4 hours rewiring it, it now looks much better considering how much stuff I crammed into it and the non-modular nature of my PSU. Also keep in mind that I'm only 14 years old. ;) I tried cramming all the extra wires underneath the bottom HDD bay but they wouldn't fit so there's still some there but you luckily can't see it through the window. My specs are: Core i7 920 @ 3.5GHz, EVGA GTX 275 Superclocked, Gigabyte EX58-UD3R Motherboard, 6GB OCZ Platinum DDR3 RAM, XIGMATEK Dark Knight Heatsink, Corsair 750TX PSU, Antec 900 Case, an LG BD Reader, 2 Samsung DVD Drives, an OCZ Vertex 60GB SSD, a WD Black 1TB HDD and a Samsung F2EG 1.5TB Drive. There's also a Rosewill networking card and an Asus TV Card. I built this PC originally last June 2009, so it's a year old now.

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  1. Nice before and after improvement!! It should really help with your air flow and system temps.

    For a 14 yr old, you have a great system!! I think when I was 14, Atari was the "bomb" and playing the original "Pitfall" on a Comamador64 at a buddies house. I wonder what my daughter (6) & son (2) will be gaming with at your age... :)
  2. Ha, thanks.

    But yeah after that and cleaning the video card of dust it now idles at 42C rather than the former ~52C.
  3. Heya RayBob, found the post hehe,looking good man,

    just remember to freak your mum out by asking her where the hoover/vacuum cleaner is :P

    /waits for thudding sounds of parent hitting floor.........................
  4. hi 5 to 14 year olds doing stuff :D

    great job. nice system.. wish I had it.. oh well...
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