Graphic Card won't boot (ASUS RIIIE)

I have the following issue continuing on the problem above...

Now I have purchased and received a new XFX HD 5970 Black Edition 2GB, since I thought that i have damaged maybe the first card.

The card has never been used, this is the first time i used it, the card is not modified.

I installed the new XFX in the 1st PCI Express slot as pre manual and before I removed the 9800GT from this slot.

I received the same red error message on startup before I can enter BIOS even, like with the HIS.

The message reads that there is no sufficient power plugged in the VGA card, please refer to the quick start guide/settings guide.

The 1000Watt PSU has sufficient power to power even two hd5970 cards so i dont understand why i get this red message on screen and asking to check the power t othe VGA card...

It means that both 5970 dont work in any PCIE slot i plug in, but the 9800GT card does work and the system boots into BIOS, OS, working just fine no BSOD whatsoever.

I assume there is an issue with the Motherboard since both cards with the same model (HD5970) give me the error message and the 9800GT from Gigabyte does work and it worked before also with the older HIS HD 5970 card

The following I have tried:
a different CM 1000Watt PSU
single individual cables from the PSU to VGA card 6 & 8 pin plugs
additional single PCIE 6 & 8 pin cabsle from the PSU
All PCIE slots with all three cards
higher voltage on the PCI with 1.51.. standard voltage in BIOS (not in AUTO mode)
loading default BIOS settings with the 9800GT card and then changing to the hd5970 if its working, but it also failed to boot up
I can see the red light indicating an error on the ASUS board
I changed the PCIE lane switches to on and off to no luck but I have noticed that when it was on first with the 5970 plugged in and then powering on the system and then switching it to off the fans started to increase to maximum and staying there, not sure whether this info helps though.
Lane switches with the 9800GT do work properly, all of them

Remember, before the older HIS card with stock cooler was working on the board! the 9800GT still works though...

I dont get any error message in BIOS or OS nor BSOD when using the Win7 64 Bit OS with the 9800GT indicating an error with the ASUS board

Anyone having the same problem or am i alone, I am desperate guys...? I have two HD5970 cards and both are not working now, any suggestions? BIOS update? any other mobo fix?

Thanks, appreciated...

BIOS Revision 1005
HIS HD5970, XFX 5970 non modified, new...
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  1. Try removing all PCI/PCI-E devices, including the 9800GT. Leave only one 5970 and connect everything and try to boot the system. Standing by.
  2. trued that, i removed both and only addded one to test but seems now only the 9800gt response and the both 5970 if using them one by by one does give me the error, dont know what to do.. do i need to buy new graphics card if yes, does it happen again? do i need to buy a new mobo but with the 9800gt for instance it works, so It might work with better cards as well but i am not sure of it... thanks
  3. Do you have access to another PC to install the 5970s into to see if they work there?

    You are describing the symptoms of having a defective PSU, but you indicated you already swapped that.
  4. BTW, is your PSU of a modular type? If so, are you sure that your PCI-E cables are plugged into the correct ports on the PSU?
  5. my PSU is modular and i made sure that the 2 8 pin ATX go into the ATX of the mobo and the two single PCI Express are going to the graphics card but i also tried the additional modular cables to see whether there would be an issue but it seems okay with the 9800gt.
    yes i have to test it again to make sure the coolermaster has sufficient power but befire i used the HIS hd 5970 and it worked withouth any problem though... lets see tomorrow...
  6. Good luck, my friend. I understand how frustrating this can be. Just keep in mind that PSUs do fail. That may not be the case here, but this is coming across as a power adequacy issue.
  7. lookd like and after buying a new card i thought i had solved it but having the same issue now seems to be either psu or the mobo, and i dont know which of them, bets is really to see if with the other psu there is an issue or not and to test the cards on another mobo so i can rule out faulty graphics. lets see, thanks mate
  8. figured out that both cards are just fine.
    the issue is with the board , BIOS or the 1st PCI Express Lane somehow the cards don't boot up to BIOS. Therefore I have installed a cheap non-fan 5450 from ASUS and it is booting now as it should. afterwards I run both 5970 in Win7 and the first card's display adapter is disabled.
    Its kind of a compromise and a luxury to have a own graphics card for booting the system ;-)
    ASUS cant fix it as it is a 'isolated ' case they say so I don't think they will release a BIOS or Fix just for me unfortunately.
    nevermind then, i'm running it great at the moment.
    solved thanks
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