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I'm looking for a way to do the "Speaker Fill" enhancement you would use to go from 2 channel audio to output to all speakers in a surround system. My drivers don't have an option for a speaker fill, so I'd need some other utility or driver to do it. I'm also wondering if there is any way to use an ASIO driver with a software patchbay to clone the output to go to each speaker if I can't find a normal utility. Any help on this would be appreciated.
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  1. The cheapest way would be buy one of those dual-way 3.5mm headphone adapters and plug both sets of speakers into there...

    $1.99 on newegg Rosewill 3.5mm splitter

    what speakers do you have and what are the connections on the speakers / soundcard, because as an audiophile, I'd reccomend against doing any kind of DIY surround-sound effects / speaker fill or whatever, much better getting a proper surround amp or a surround sound-card and computer speakers....
  2. Can't use a splitter, you'll get an impedance mismatch.

    The card I have is a surround card, and I'm not looking for a special FX bull crap just a stereo clone to go to all of my outputs. For example on a realtek onboard you can go into the registry and have it treat all of your outputs as front audio and clone stereo that way, which honestly is my preferred method, but unfortunately I don't have a realtek onboard chipset.
  3. A splitter reduces the volume by 3dB for each channel because the voltage is halved. I think you are confused. Impedance is a function of the amplifier's relationship with the speakers. It has nothing to do with a line level signal.
  4. impedence in general is measurement of resistant in a AC, which is dependant on the frequency too.
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