Hey, I was wondering how much faster a SSD would go than a HDD ( The one I have picked out is and if it's actually worth buying an SSD. Also, if I stick with the HDD ans use it as my OS and then also use it as my main storage component would it slow it down at all?
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  1. You only use the SSD for OS and programs. So you should set all your downloads to the normal hard drive(s).

    Most people have just the one HD for their OS and media files. No it won't really slow down your computer.

    How much faster?...
  2. First... No hard drive will match the speed of a SSD (The new 600GB Velicoraptor is the closest). If you are wanting speed, a SSD is your best option.

    Second... If you are wanting a fast all around drive with capacity, you can't go wrong with the Samsung Spinpoint F3 (I have one, along with a SSD). I would recommend it to anyone.

    So the bottom line, If you want pure speed, SSD... If you want an overall fast drive, Samsung is the way to go!! :)
  3. i personally think is worth while for a ssd if you have the money for it..but you will still need to buy a HDD with that as they are not really big enough for storage. I would put OS and some main programs into the SSD and keep other stuff in HDD.
    you will see a noticable load speed into windows and running the programs in SSD. FOr me it was worth it.

    the two brands i would go for with SSD would be intel or OCZ but intel has the best one and the one that i got is the x25m 80g...OCZ has really good reviews with the vertex and the newer one is the agility.

    somebody in here might tell you to wait till the end of this year to get your SSD b/c there are plans of bigger versions coming out and maybe intel will release the new model but depends on your needs.
  4. Hmmm alright. So I would be fine just using the Samsung Spinpoint f3 1 TB model for now, and then maybe later this year when they release newer ones and the price of the older ones go down, or if there just happens to be a very good deal on one, I could always pick one up and switch it as my main OS and mostly played games storage device correct?

    Edit : Would this be a good SSD also? or

    And what about this : I have no clue what this is, but would I need to buy something like that along with the SSD? There is a lot of them in the combo deals, thats why I ask.
  5. The OCZ is a good one at that price range. Their Agility/Vertex 2 drives are better, along with Intel's X25-M G2's.

    You won't need that adapter unless you don't have any free SATA ports open on your motherboard.
  6. the agility is a good deal right now
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