Can paper tape be used inside a case?

I need to attach temperature sensors to various areas inside the case and I'm wondering if very thin paper tape is suitable. If not, what else could be used without worry of the adhesive bleeding as the inside of the case gets warmer. The case is a Coolmaster HAF-922, and I've installed the full array of fans, in addition, the video card is only a Radeon 5600 series so I don't think heat will be a big issue. Thanks for any advice you can give.
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  1. I would use black electrical tape for your needs. You won't have issues with that kind of tape.
  2. I Use Kapton tape. Link for example.

    What, I use is approved for Flight instruments and cost approx $25 per roll. The adhesive stays with the tape when removed, not on what it was taped to (NO Gummy residue left). Good electrical properties and does not produce as high of an electrical static charge as other tapes when removed.
  3. Thank you for the input. I found the same tape at another vendor for $7.00 less a roll and I placed the order. Thanks again!
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