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My system consists of cpu amd phenox x4 965 be ,psu coolarmaster gx 550w ,gpu xfx 5850 ,motherboard gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 , 4 gb ddr3 ram, win xp, ups apc 1100va/660w ...system crashes whenever i play any games such as cod modern warefare2 ,cod 5,withen 5 mins of system crashes completely,my ups gives a constant beeping sound with all lights off on it.
my cpu fan amd make is horrible,it makes a constant loud noise whenever i play any games....please provide some help on what seems to be wrong with my rig.Thanks.
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  1. It could be many things.. i would suggest CoreTemp to eliminate CPU overheating as an issue

    I assume by 'crash' you mean it powers itself off... please verify
  2. By crash I mean system switches off instantly without any notice.....could it be a problem with a faulty processor fan ie not providing adequate cooling...without any programs running(in bios) my cpu temp shows 46 c ........and my system temp shows 47 cpu fan speed shows 4687 rpm and climbing ...thanks....
  3. the other thing could be ur PSU...
    They do this sort of thing a lot
  4. hi all, checked cpu core temp for just browsing on the net it shows avg 45 c , cpu fan is quiet 4000rpm ,and is making no noise at all, then I switch over to cod modern warfare 2 ,the cpu core temp jumps to 60 c and cpu fan goes to about 5000 rpm and climbing...the fan noise is unbearable now.
  5. any suggestion on a good liquid cooling or air cooling products would be great.
  6. you were saying it was on a ups. try it without the ups see if it works longer than 5 mins
  7. I did try without the ups as well ,what now happens is while playing the same game..the system no longer switches off/crashes instantly.....the games work for 10/15 mins and then the computer freezes mid game ....unable to perform any operations ...only option is to reset ...core temp reaches around 62 c and climbing ...cpu fan speed reaches 6500 and climbing......Thanks
  8. hi all ,the system crashes seems to be as a result of voltage fluctuations in the area and my ups not being able to stabilze ,spoke with ups tech support they suggested to perform reset of ckt breaker switch on the ups and then keep it charged for 16/18 hrs with no load....and then check again if issue persists... : :o ..however issue with loud fan noise continues during gaming ...will soon be moving to 3rd pary cpu fan/liquid cooling....budget max 100$...
  9. hi, occasionally when i switch on the pc ,my cpu starts ,fans all running ok,motherboard is working ,but my dell st2410 monitor says no hdmi cable ,with no other display...I have waited for 5/10 mins for the start up display, but no go,so the only option is to reset/power on again then strangely works fine ...any suggestions ..thanks..
    GA-890FXA-UD5 ,CM gx 550w ,xfx 5850,xp sp2 ,win7 ult, x4 965 be,4 gb ram .
  10. Hi jo,

    I would suggest that if it isn't too much of a problem you just ignore it... if it's not broken, don't fix it :)

    On the other hand, i've seen similar problems on a 790fx/ATI 57** which were solved by reseating the card and clearing the CMOS

    Did you get a cooler for your cpu yet? if not we could suggest one if we knew which case you are using.

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