Hard Drive does not boot.

Hello, my computer restarted all of a sudden and does not boot anymore. I was surfing the web then Windows started shutting down on its own and doesn't start back up leaving the screen black with a blinking cursor. After some investigating, I noticed that the BIOS cannot detect my hard drive anymore on my SATA port. But when my computer is starting up, before it reaches the black screen, it does show the name of my hard drive and my optical drive. When I put in the Windows 7 disc, it also recognizes that I have a 1TB hard drive with Windows installed in it. I don't know if this is a problem with my hard drive or anything else. Please advise.
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  1. check the power and data cables going to the hard drive and reset the cmos.

    hopefully that will clear it up.
  2. Okay, I've got my computer to run again by connecting the hard drive to another SATA port. My motherboard has two SATA 6.0 ports and connecting my hard drive to either of those two ports would not allow Windows to boot. It shows the Windows is starting screen but then a blue screen flashes by very quickly and the computer restarts. Upon restarting, the Windows startup repair screen appears and after performing the startup repair, it concludes that there is a problem that cannot be automatically repaired.

    What I have also noticed is that when the hard drive is connected to the 6.0 ports, the hard drive does not show up in the cmos, but it appears in the RAID bios. I don't think my ports are dead since my optical drive is currently connected to one of those ports and it ran my Windows recovery CD just fine. My hard drive is also okay since I am currently using it connected to one of the 3.0 ports.
  3. it might be worth it to update the bios.
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