Mini-ITx /Phenom?

I was wondering if I can run a AMD Phenom II X4 945 Socket AM3 45nm Quad-Core Processor with 3.0GHz, 4000MHz HT, 6MB L3 Cache, Model: HDX945WFGMBOX, Retail box
With a Zotac 8200 motherboard, wd 500g sata HD, and sony slim odd drive. In a mini ITX case, no overclocking computer will be used for business. Quickbooks, some photoshop, website...etc
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  1. if you don't already have the board i would suggest the ASUS M4A88T-I as it has the newest series chipset and actually uses the AM3 socket with compatibility with all of the current AM3 Phenom II processors and has a pci-e 2.0 x16 slot
  2. Thanks,

    The other issue i have now is the PSU that comes with the case... someone told me it will work others tell me its not enough juice change my case. I would like to keep it small for too reasons i think it would look really cool lol, and im tired of my knee hitting my computer several times a day.... Below is the case i selected

    Black Winsis WI-12B Aluminum front panel Mini-ITX Computer Case, 1x Slim Optical Drive Bay, with 200W TFX Power Supply.
  3. i wouldn't trust that PSU either as the ones that come with cases are usually pretty bad (except Antec's)

    the SeaSonic SS-300TFX is a much better PSU
  4. What you think about this one, nobody in Houston has the Seasonic, and I kind of need to build it today since the other one is on its last days.....

    Athena 300W FlexATX Mini-ITX Power Supply
  5. Mindless, thanks for the suggestion also, sorry. Are you having any problems with heat?
  6. it might work ok, at least it has active PFC (not passive), though it doesn't have a whole lot of power on the 12v rail and they don't specify what the max between the two rails

    heat problems? no, all of my cases are ATX mid towers and i live in NY so it's not that warm here. I just know about about the small form factor parts because i research it all of the time
  7. Thanks... im gonna go buy everything. Will let u know how it goes. I just hope that athena fits and runs properly
  8. Ok, so I have the computer up an running now finally.... I had to order the seasonic through new egg. Listed below is what I have and the computer runs great.....

    1. Winsis WI-12 Case
    2. Zotac 8200 Wifi Motherboard
    3. AMD Phenom II X4 3.0 GHZ Processor (DENEB)
    4. Stock heatsink and fan
    5. Western Digital Caviar Green SATA 500gb hard drive
    6. SeaSonic SS-300TFX PSU
    7. Sony DVDRW Slim Drive

    I didnt need to cut or mod anything... everything "fit tightly with enough room to breath"

    CPU temp: 44°

    Only one problem.... the stock fan sounds like a freaking VACUUM!!! any suggestions on a replacement that will fit?
  9. I forgot memory.... 4gb (2x2) Mushkin Red Dual Channel Memory...
  10. awesome, good to hear that the Zotac board worked out fine for the Phenom II (as i couldn't get to Zotac's cpu support as they had dead links)

    good to hear you ordered the SeaSonic PSU as it should perform beautifully (even compared to the Athena PSU)
  11. Thanks for your help..... now just to find a fan.... this is my office computer and all day today all i hear is literally a vacuum sound (slight headache developing). it is my only regret on this computer. If i can eliminate that...everything would be perfect.

    its gonna be a task to find something that fits. im searching all the forums for answers lol, when i should be working....

    I did by the athena, it didnt fit properly so i took it back....but u were right no comparison between the two...
  12. well i would check out frostytech as they do reviews on heatsinks, though you have to try to find a low profile one (as your case is small)

    Sythe has a few
    Scythe SCSK-1100
    Scythe Big Shuriken SCBSK-1000
    they are both only 64mm tall (~2.5")
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