Determining what speed of DDR3 my board supports.

Trying to determine what speed of DDR3 RAM my motherboard will support.

I have an acer m3910 with intel i7 870 processor. Currently have 2x 2gb of 1333mhz DDR3 Ram and 2 more empty slots


I contacted acer but they were not much help. Is there a software of some other way I can determine what the max speed of

DDR3 Ram my computer will support. The chip set in my computer is by intel but not sure how to determine what version it is etc.

Any suggestions comments are greatly appreciated.

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  1. I would stick to what you have now. Oem boards by acer don't come with bios adjustments to my knowledge. Google your ram serial number for matches or use crucial's configurator software.
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    CPUID CPUz will tell you the cpu and chipsets used. from there you can lookup what those chipsets support. most modern day CPU's have integrated memory controller.

    the i7-870 has integrated ddr3 memory controller which supports ddr3-1066 or ddr3-1333, however, intel site doesnt say if 1333 is clocked down to run at the slower 1066 speed, you can call Intel and ask. i7-870 is a heat monster.....

    but since you have 1333 you can just buy more 1333, unless you are needing more ram, then you need to do some research to find the best ram, etc. if the CPU clocks it at 533MHz and you find ram that has lower CL then your 1333 then getting 1066 with better CL would be a better choice (but will cost you more if you are needing to replace your existing 1333, etc)

    hope this helps.
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