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Hello, i am wanting to run one of my outputs over 2 this possible?? i currently have 2 monitors running on span but would like to have one half emulated on a 3rd monitor any solutions here? thanks
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  1. What do you mean half-emulated? You meant having a signal splitter when you meant span right? There's always AMD's Eyefinity graphics card.
  2. hey thanks for the reply,
    i ment that i have an nvidia card with duel out on span mode but wanted to have one half reprojected on a 3rd monitor, so i would have 2 left sides of the same screen and 1 right side......i have since used a cable splitter but there is of course quality loss, its not too bad but would like to know if there is something better i can do,

    i do have another nvidia card of a dif model that my mother has a slot for but unsure if this can be used at the same time, im pretty sure they can not be bridged being diff models, one is an 8500 and the other is an 9500

    as i said im using the splitter cable but wondering if there is some kind of powered splitter or something to keep signal quality as this is somewhat important for the application im using it for

  3. Which was why I was recommending an Eyefinity card. You see Nvidia has yet to release a card that can output to three displays, for AMD this tech is called Eyefinity and is on all their Radeon 5000 series cards. Eyefinity doesn't have to be used on three seperate displays, one screen can copy another while another can be independent. As for your SLI question no you can't pair them up as like you said they are different cards within dofferent product families.
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