i got a shuttle sa76g2. i need a motherboard for it. but i dont know what kind or where to find one. i dont care if its intel or amd.
i belive the one that was in there was a amd. but it s gone. my son brought it new and run it for gaming, but said he had trouble with ram , so he trashed motherboard and power supply.
so i was thinking of using case to built a pc for everyday surfing web only.
so i would need a ps to.
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  1. That board is proprietary; you may to purchase a new barebone including the shuttle case to get the board. If that's the case, I would check on itx barebones if you need a small unit, or build an htpc with micro atx board and case. You may also find a good used system on craigslist. I buy alot of used stuff there. Got the following for only $60 two days ago: gigabyte am3 board, amd 255 cpu/w heatsink, pci-e video card, case, and 15 inch lcd. Make an offer; lots of folks need cash.
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