I could not get my vertex 4 258 to work with xp pro

I gave up trying to get my Dell 1555 running XP pro to recognize my 259GB Vertex 4 SSD. Any thoughts on if another makers is the answer or is it just not wise to try to change up my model?
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  1. Well, what steps have you tried? Does it show in bios or windows? In any other pcs? None at all?
  2. Start your computer and immediately go into the System BIOS to find out if BIOS recognizes the ssd. If it does recognize the ssd also check to see if it is enabled as the boot drive. While you are in BIOS also check to see if it is set to AHCI mode. Let us know the results.
  3. I had already spent days trying every suggestion and 3 different housings. Finally just sent the whole mess back.
    Thanks for responding.
    I am just going with an old school drive replacement.
  4. Ohkay, so it was simply DoA? These things happen, don't let it sour your opinion to much ;)
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