[solved] 5670 vs 9600 GT 300W PSU

Hello, I want to buy a graphics card but do not want to upgrade my 350w psu.(+12v 13A,+12v 9A).Which is the best card i can buy for this psu? I'm considering nvidia 9600GT 56w or ATI 5670.I want value for money,no sli,overclock.Thanks
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  1. Get a HD4770, great value for the money.
  2. I would pick the HD5670 between the two.
  3. I would agree with rolli. Get the 5670. Be careful with the 9600GT. the only one that uses 56w would be the low power version. Most 9600GTs use over 75 watts and require an external power connector, and would be very borderline on your power supply.
  4. Yes 5670, seems to be the best choice.Are you sure I can safely use 5670? .My screen is 1360x768. I have Intel C2D E6550@2.4GHz, 1HDD, 2GB DDR2 RAM.Will any of these bottleneck my performance?
  5. the 5670 will be a good match for your current system, you will have no issues running it safely
  6. Thanks everyone. 5670 here I come.
  7. tmnghla said:
    Thanks everyone. 5670 here I come.

    Good call. :)
  8. Oops I made a mistake my psu is 300w not 350w though the ampere ratings are same(+12v 13A,+12v 9A). I'm currently having 8600GT ddr3 with max power 43W. 5670 will add +20W. Will it be inefficient? calculates recommended power as 226W so I should be OK I guess.
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    It should work fine. Gaming tests show the HD5670 just exceeding 50watts under load.
  10. How about HD5750 or even HD5770?
  11. I ordered 5670 512MB (IN Rs 5800) .ATI HD4770 was out of stock. 9600 GT was real cheap (Rs4800) but vendor didn't specify the power usage, so I didn't want to take any risk.
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