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Ok guys heres my problem,

I want to run 3 monitors in horizintal stretch, right now i have two 24" acer LCD's running off my 4850 from DVI, no problems there, so i went out and bought a crappy Geforce 210 to run another monitor off but it wont work, when i have both cards installed only one of them will work, however i did get 3 monitors working once but there is driver issues. i can run two monitors off either card fine, but the other card tells me im using outdated drivers, and the screen will not go over 16 color mode.... i have downloaded latest drivers and tried everything i can think of, im pretty savvy with this tech stuff as im a technician myself but this one has me stumped.. i know its not an issue with running an ATI and NVIDIA card in the same system as i have seen this done many times before... Any help with this problem, or a possible solution to me wanting to run 3xLCD in stretch mode would be
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  1. Ok,first you can't run those two video cards at the same time as they are 2 completely different manufacturers.One is ATI and the other is NVIDIA.Driver issues are gonna plague you like crazy if you keep trying to run both at the same time.Not to mention you could fry something.Go get a second cheap ati card and then run all the monitors.Goodluck.

  2. Hmm, are you running vista? It is the OS that does not allow multiple gfx card drivers, win 7 should.

    Also you would I think need one of the cards to be a pci card rather than 2 pci-e cards although not sure. Probably shouldn't matter although AFAIK a no no in vista.

    If however you had a display port on one of those LCD's I would have said grab a new ati card for running eyefinity but if not then the cost of the adapters may rule that out.
  3. In response :

    Dahak - i think you missed the part where i mention that i know it is possible to run two video cards from different manafactures, i have seen this done many times, and as far as fry something ? you must be tripping man...

    Strangestranger - I am running XP PRO SP3 so maybe it is the OS issue, ill have to get myself a copy of Win7 and try it, i got an excuse to guy buy it now.. Unfortunatlly my LCD's dont have displayport, i was going to buy a 5770 and a dual link active displyport to DVI converter but i cant seem to find these mythical creatures.. if you can tell me where i can buy a converter i will definetlly go down that path, then i have an excuse to blow more cash on a new video card to :-) Cheers..
  4. To do displayport conversion you need an active converter would is really expensive probably more expensive as it should because Apple makes them.

    They are the only ones that make mini displayport to dual link DVI converters. They retail for a whopping $90 a piece. Still a lot lot cheaper than spending over a thousand on a new monitor.

    EDIT: Wait, you have only 24" monitors? Then displayport to single link DVI does the job. Those can be found for like $10 anywhere. Just google it.
  5. Rofl_My_Waffle - Are you sure i can use the $10 job ?? if i get the 5770 i will run 1 LCD off each DVI port and the 3rd off displayport. but isnt there some problem with converting the signal with the $10 job ? i dont want to go buy the card then find out it aint gonna work that way. also why does 24" make a difference ?
  6. XP should be able to do what you are after.

    Also, I believe dell does an adapter as the apple ones don't work right. Still expensive.
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