Should i upgrade, hold out, or build a new system now


i have a system ive had for a few years, and im geting married next year so i need to make sure by febuary of next year my system is good enough to last me another two years. becuse once i get married we have a lot of budget restraining events planned.

So my current system which i built, which by the way is running fine

evga 680i mb
e6600 core 2 oced to 3ghz
4gb of ddr2 memory
evga 8800gt
corsair modular 620watt power supply
500gb hard drive
coolermaster tower.
windows xp pro

i only play games at 1280 x 1024 resolution. i dont need to play my games at highest settings i usually play at medium settings which is fine.

im currently playing coh and battlefield bad company 2 as well as a few other games none of which have any problems.

So my thoughts were, to add a quad core core 2 and a new video card and call it good. i see most i7 systems with ddr3 are only about 12percent faster at best on games fps that is.

Or i bould build a new system i7 / dx11 with windows 7 with about a 1200 budget not including tax/shipping.

or i could put the cash away and wait till my system is really lagging and by whats avabile at the time.

or ??? any other suggestions...

feel free to post upgrades to my current system, or complete builds for a new 1200 system, or any other advice would be appreciated.

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  1. oh, ps i really like lifetime warrantys on compoents which is why i went with evga orginally, but a 5 year warranty would do, please dont suggest compents with shorter then five year warranty unless there is no other option. thanks
  2. can you list what you use your system for from highest to lowest...that would help

    if it is mainly gaming then i would not go for core i7, go for AMD phenom x4 955...but if you need a new cpu and GPU you mind as well build a new rig and take some usable parts from old.

    and please post your model of your PSU
  3. i use it primarily for games, like 90 percent, i use word and media player a small fraction.

    i have the corsair hx620w modular power supply

    thanks again
  4. your PSU looks good to keep!

    i'll give you a generic build and you can pick your brands and model

    Phenom x4 955
    Asus or gigabyte mobo
    4gb of Ram Gskill or Corsair
    GPU 5850 or 5770
    HDD if you need it Samsung Spinspoint F3 1TB
    PSU stay with the same
    Case you could keep the same
    OS win 7 for sure dx11

    you might be able to fit a monitor in there...that can use 1080p
  5. For Asus, also read AsRock, they got some shiny boards under that name,
    I'd personally go for the 5770, try and get a model that vents out the rear if you can
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