My PC shuts down randomly....

My PC randomly shuts down, sometimes when I am gaming, and even when my PC is idle.

Here is my Event Log:

I did this:
1) Open an elevated command prompt
2) Type "verifier /standard /all" (no quotes)
3) Reboot your machine
4) Use machine again until it crashes

I rebooted my PC, I got a BSoD:

I would appreciate any help.
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  1. One of your drivers is clashing with another, causing a corrupt database. Which can damage hardware and what not. Remove all plugins and reinstall one by one!
  2. So it is strictly a hardware driver?
  3. Well, from what I can tell yes, are there any other symptoms you can tell me that the pictures can't? Is there a high pitched noise after the computer is turned off? Do you use temperature monitoring tools, overheating is a major cause of hardware malfunctions.
    There are a number of things and those pictures can only tell me oh so much!
  4. There is no noise after it restarts. It is now summer, and my HFD4850 GPU runs up to 108C when I am gaming, but I have ran it on 108C for some months now. In Bad Company 2, it even ran up to 110C.
  5. Dude, there's your issue you aren't supposed to run it that hot, my guess is a overheating has caused your gpu to become unstable, which is a common side-affect of overheating after a long period of time. You can ask for a replacement, which they will happily give to you, just tell them that its overheated and is causing your system to be unstable. Also, grab and aftermarket cooler while you wait for your replacement.
  6. I think my guarantee has already run out. But I think I`ll get an aftermarket cooler for it. I have bought this card 2 years ago.
  7. What manufacturer?
  8. Sapphire.
  9. Its a two year waranty
  10. Yeah, and I have bought it somewhere around July.
  11. No damage done if you call or email. however it will take less days/time to get in contact with a call!
  12. I`ll see what can I do. But there is still a chance that it is not the GPU.
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