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I am having trouble with my pc starting up, yesterday i went to turn it on and got no signal to the monitor although i can hear it boot up and makes sound from windows start up but no signal was detected on both my monitors, the graphics card fan is running extremely loud so i thought it might be that,
so i switched to an older card and that seemed to boot up fine but was told it was running lower since not enough power was getting to the card,
my current card is a 9800gtx+ and it requires 2 separate power connections my older card doesn't so it's less power hungry by a long shot.

so where is the problem lying would you suspect my mobo is toast or the psu?
it's not a new pc btw has been running fine for 2 years and psu is more than capable of running it.

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  1. well i say is the Power supply it happen to me once
    i open the power supply and a find 4 capacitors they blow up

    warning!! u could damage you monitors With a broken PSU
    cheap PSU Damage Hardware so dont buy cheap!
  2. The PSU is corsair 650watt, it's not the problem i just plugged in my older PSU and got the exact same problem, it all seems to point at a faulty Motherboard supplying power to the pci express.
    I did a bios reset also and still no luck
  3. I would say it's the motherboard. When working as a techy, I had the same issue and the only way to fix was to switch the motherboard. If you have another computer or another motherboard hanging around, test out your graphics cards and see if they have issues. If they don't.. get a new motherboard ;]
  4. I had the 7800gt plugged in wrong thatD why it wasn't getting enough power, so all is fine with the old card in just my current card that looks to be at fault and for some reason all my pulling it out and pushing it back in it made it work once on start up but refused to work again on start up, i have a 5850 ordered anyway since i don't want any more downtime dealing with this card.
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