HD 5770 lag problem HELP!!!

Hello guys,

I have a some-what serious issue that I need help with. I'll try to make it short and simple, but if you need more info about my problem, I'll provide.

So here's the problem. I have an ASUS HD 5770 graphics card. I bought it months ago. I experience one problem in most games and even some movies (not 100% that the movie problem is GPU related). Normally they run OK but at some points there's a big drop in FPS, it glitches and after that it runs kinda OK again. I thought the problem was in the ASUS drivers so I installed the ATi official ones. I'm currently with the 10.4 catalyst but the very strange thing is that when I install the drivers, on the first day, while they're still "fresh", everything runs GREAT and smooth. But when I turn off the PC and start it next day, the games run laggy again.

Why? How is it possible that one day it's ok and the next, it gets f**ked up again. I doubt the problems is with the setup since the pc is above average at least. The game the problem is most noticeable in is Batman.

Please HELP me!!! Thank you in advance!


PC specs:

PSU: FSB Group Fortron/Source 450W
Motherboard: ASUS M2N-E
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition
GPU: ASUS HD 5770 V2
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  1. sounds like something is running in the background, maybe a virus scan?

    check out your launch menu, see what programs are launching with Windows start up. Clear out any that are non-essential.
  2. I'll run a scan later today but I doubt it's a virus. Don't think I've seen any abnormal activity - still, I'll check.

    About the programs starting I only have: avast, soundmax (onboard audio), catalyst and the logitech G15 stuff. I have optimized win 7 and normally ram usage is +- 30%.

    If it turns out it's not a virus, do you have any other ideas? Do you want me to post DxDiag diagnostic?
  3. how old is your hard drive?
  4. Well I have 2 hard drives. One of them I have since I bought the computer, so that makes it about 4 years old. However, I use it only for storage.
    The 2nd hard drive is about 1 year old. One volume from it I use for OS and programs and the other for games and movies.
  5. Could it be a problem with the mobo or overheating? I saw a lot of people having issues with my mobo.
  6. Everytime when you install drivers, after that immidiatly restart copmuter.
    Reinstall driver but try with Catalyst 10.2, if don't work, then go on google and look about issue of you mobo and GPu..........

    I don't think that is hardware problem, but never know... If you must go install fresh copy of Windows on another HDD and see then,,,

    Also go on youtube and see there....
  7. Thanks for the reply.

    I'll try with catalyst 10.2 and if I have the same problem, I'll try with a new bios. I found that ASUS posted a bios that should fix some issues with 5k series gpus
  8. First try with fresh copy of window, leave flashing bios for end. Installing bios is not a simple job, maybe is simple but very risky :)
  9. No viruses detected. Moving onto 10.2 catalyst. I'll keep you informed if I have the same problem.
  10. Nope. Problem still here : ( I installed the 10.2 drivers - everything runs great. Shut down the computer and immediately turn it on - games run sucky again.

    Could it be a BIOS problem? Months ago, when I installed the graphics card I had a BIOS starting up problem like a lot of guys with my mobo and card do. I went to a specialist and he changed some settings and I no longer had that problem.
    However, I think that what he did was make BIOS not display any errors. Could the problem be there?

    A description of the problem:
  11. Seems that ASUS motherboard have conflict with all 57xx. Send mail to ASUS and say about you are problem.

    I look for MSI R5770 Hawk on MSI P55-GD65 to buy, but now when i read about this problem, really i don't know what to do.

    I think flashing bios doesn't help in this case.
  12. Yes, it doesn't make sense but I don't have any other options left. It's either the mobo or windows. I might try to install my card in a friend's PC with similar specs but I know it's not a problem with the card itself.
    Might follow your advice and write to ASUS.
  13. Tell me, if you fix this problem. Just to know, becouse i look to buy MSI R5770 Hawk.
  14. I have an Intel i7 2.8 GHz with 8 GB ram on a Gigabyte P55-U3 motherboard.
    I use to have a NVIDA 8800GT card and switched to a ATI 5770 card
    And then all things started. Lag in games (Hearts of Iron III) after 10-20 min, then when I turn it off Windows is laging extremly. Running with the latest drives 10.4.

    Now I'm trying older drives to see if it works better.
    And I also got the larger mouse pointer problem that I read many have with ATI cards.

    If nothing changes soon I'm going back to my old NVIDA card.
    Never had any problems with that.

    I read heat problem and power problem, but according to tests the 5770 should generate less heat than the old 8800GT card and use less or the same power. So I don't think that's the problem.
  15. I flashed the BIOS on my Gigabyte P55-UD3 motherboard from F3 to F8 and that did the trick. No more lag problems in games (or in windows 7 after I exited the games). The mouse pointer problem has gone away too.

    There was no statement of the new BIOS fixing any problems with ATI cards, but it said it addresed memory compabilety problems, so it might have been that.

    Good luck!
  16. Thanks for all of your replies and I'm so sorry that I'm a month late with mine. It's just I had lots of work to do and eventually forgot about the thread.

    Anyways, I flashed the BIOS and the message at start-up went away but the lag issue remained. I tried with a clean install of win 7 and I think that corrected the problem but I'm not 100% sure. I think that the old motherboard and the RAM running at 667 Mhz might slow my card down, don't know.

    If I come with a permanent fix for my problem, I'll be sure to tell you.

    Thanks for all your advice again =)
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