Upgrade from E5300 3,6 GHz to ?

What would be a decent upgrade from my system, e5300 at 3,6Ghz 4g ram radeon 3850.

Thanks Nasen
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  1. No budget yet, thinking to upgrade to a new system i5, i7. PSU 600W.

    But will this make a big difference or will it be enough to upgrade to a /57705830 video card and leave the rest for a while.

  2. Like ct1615 asked, what resolution? Your cpu is fine for almost all games still, depending what resolution your gaming at, you'll probably see larger gains getting a better gpu at this point.
  3. true and false.

    Better proc will do more good too. E8400 or Quad Pumper as mentioned above.

    Gpu is needed too. dont expect anything in games if you don't have a good gpu installed. psu power ratings are good too for modern gpu's.
  4. ct1615 said:
    the ATI 5770 with your current CPU will be vastly better then the 3850. i would skip the ATI 5830 and look at the Nvidia GTX460 at the same price, an overall better card. the Q9300 and Q9400 are still very viable gaming CPUs but obviously if you have the money to spend, an i5 or i7 would give you best performance.

  5. A "logical" step for you would be i5 750 and GTX460.

    OTOH, you haven't said a word about what you want to achieve, including gaming at what resolution as asked above.
  6. Thanks all, resolution 1680x1050

    I want to achive a faster system for all use, (and it´s always fun to upgrade)

    ....and maximum overclock (low end water, Corsair H50.

    / Nasen
  7. Check the Corsair H70 :)
  8. Thanks

    Maybe I then go for the 460 card 1GB and see what result this give, and later on go for a new MB, i7 930 CPU, H70 etc.

    / Nasen
  9. I am willing to bet that you will be quite happy with the performance a new GPU. Your E5300 at 3.6ghz should be more then plenty of power. Upgrading your processor motherboard and RAM will give you little gain in performance unless you do everything hard drives and all. Most people that complain about their system being slow these days is usually caused by slow hard drives and a cluttered operating system. For an overall faster computer a faster GPU and Hard drives would be my starting point then do motherboard and processor, but I would suggest holding out for a little bit and see what happens with AMD and Intel next year.
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