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ok i have cpu=
amd athlon 64 x2 5000+
socket amd2 940

need to know what whould be the best mobo to buy to fit this cpu trying to upgrade some stuff i will be upgrading to am3 cpu but not right now so the mobo has to be compatable with am2 and am3. also if i get a am3 mobo will i have to flash the bios for the am2 chip and if i do how do i do it.
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  1. There is an amd board with 2 ddr2 and 2 ddr3 slots that will take am2 or am3 cpus. The asrock n68c-s UCC is ideal for someone in your situation. You can change later to am3 and ddr3 with this board. Don't expect to overclock or use 2 video cards with it. It's a low budget board for doing regular stuff on your pc, not for enthusiasists. And when you upgrade, read the "cpu support" section on asrock's website before changing cpus.
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