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Hey everyone just bought a ASUS VH242HL-P Black 23.6" 5ms ( ) .

I was wondering what program do you guys use to calibrate your monitors. Also Is there a big difference between 2ms response time and 5ms?

Another thing, what other programs do you guys use to keep your computers health up?
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  1. I think Windows 7 does a good job of calibrating your display as well as monitoring your pc's health.
    As far as i understand there is no industry standard for measuring display response time.
    My monitor is new and has a 5ms response time and its fine.
    But i'll leave it to an expert to answer that question.
  2. It does a good job. But not a perfect job.
  3. anyone?
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    I have never calibrated my monitor but you can give this a try, since it is free...

    I can't speak if it works or not but looks to be what you are looking for.
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