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Hello, I have a Dell xps 420. I did the dell pc check up and the results stated : memory address test, memory low bit test, and memory checkerboard test - all failed, contact dell. When I contacted them I was told the motherboard and RAM were faulty and needed replaced at a hefty$264 for the mobo. Are they correct? My system is still usuable and boots up. I am encountering issues with some of my programs though. Can you offer any advice?
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  1. I would look for a used dell board on ebay or get a cheaper board and start over. Discount electronics has one for $99 with 90 day warranty. The board chipset is the bearlake x38 which is impossible to find new in another brand. And the clincher: your board looks like a btx format, which won't fit most cases.
  2. Thanks o1die,

    I did check around for prices and found the $99 on at Discount Electronics. I also read here that Dell made theirs so that it would be difficult to get one from anywhere but Dell. However, after reading some posts about cleaning, it occured to me I had NEVER cleaned mine! so I took the shell off and blew all the dust out -3 years worth :0 and it now works like charm! I feel so dumb. I didn't know they needed that kind of routine maintenance. Thanks for your help. I will definitely keep this site in my favorites!
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