Help with choosing a graphic card

hey guys i have the following pc:
Intel Core2Duo E4500 @ 2.2GHz
Intel DG33FB Motherboard
2GB 800MHz Ram
Samsung 19" 75Hz (1440x900) Monitor
Windows 7 Home Premium

I am plannning to buy a graphic card and i can afford only these three:
Nvidia 9500GT 1GB
Nvidia GT220 1GB
ATI 4650 1GB

Which is the best one?
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  1. Maybe you can use the benchmarks in this review to help you select,2445-2.html
    If the HD4650 has DDR3 it is going to be the fastest if DDR2 look at the benchmarks in the link.
  2. just about every ATI 4650 1GB is DDR2

    like Rolli stated, get the card that offers DDR3 memory or better, avoid DDR2
  3. I would go for a 9600 gt. You can find them for around $70.
  4. For a little more money, you can get a HD4670 or 9600GT which are much better sue to DDR3 memory!!

    Go for these.
  5. sorry i cant stretch my budget...... but from what ive heard HD4650 has 320 processors and GT220 has only 48 processors.
    So can i buy 4650?
  6. nvidia cards are built differently and dont rely on processors as much as ATI

    get the 4650 if that's the card you want
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