Unknown Reason for Random CPU Usage Spikes

Help me please! This is getting outrageously annoying. I can't figure out why my flipping cpu is getting random loads of 50% or Higher causing my computer to "Hitch" or freeze for a second or two, Now I just reformatted my comp last night, and I'm still getting this problem. I'm averaging at the moment of a constant 20% CPU Load. I can't figure out what process is doing it. I went to the task manager, checked all the loads, there was nadda on the SVCHOST processes. Yes i Said Processes, because I have like 10 different ones. I'm running windows vista 64 bit home premium. I can't figure this out. HEEEELP!:(
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  1. Do you have that same problem when you're disconnected from the internet?
    Are you running a wireless network card?
  2. Process Explorer utility program might help you track down the offender.
    How to use Process Explorer
  3. I'll figure something out I think it might be hardware related rather than in the os.
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