New heatsink for lga775 Dell e510

I just installed a Pentium D 945 from a Pentium 4 3.4 GHz, yes i know a stinky proc that you can smell miles away :P. You can also cook marshmellows :lol:. So my questions were:

1.) Im not sure if there is a standard heatsink plug for the e510 or if it will fit. I can't seem to find one, does anyone know if it has one? (I unplugged a plug-which was attached to the fan- which was located below the heatsink, then put it back in after instalation. Would this be it? There is also a power plug above, but i think this is for the processor... I might be missing something so if i need to I can pull the heatsink off and look again.)

2.) If I can upgrade the stock cooler what would be a good LGA775 that i might be able to use on future builds? I heard about one, but now i can't remember which it was. Artic Cooler somewhat thing... :lol: Maybe there is something better out there??

3.) Are there any 'heat readers' that i can put on my proc so i can get a temp for the proc?

4.) My fan right now is running full tilt and won't stop, ive felt the heatsink and it is cool to the touch. When i restart it, it stays silent untill i play a game, then it revs up untill its at full tilt. Then it seems stuck on full tilt... Anyone have any sugestions? (Edited to add this question :))

I would think this possible, but Dell, HP, ect likes to make sure you buy a NEW computer not UPGRADE the OLD one :lol:.

So Thanks Ahead! :hello:
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  1. I just poked around more, and it looks like im out of luck with getting a new heatsink. I hear though i can get a normal case fan and put it at the end of the heatsink as an exaust?? And this is going to sound really noobish :lol: but this means that i have the heatsink air coming in from the heatsink fan, then taking the hot'er' air out of the heatsink and into the case. Then I could put my second fan on the rear grill to increase air flow. Would this work better than what i have going?

    And i would still like the answer to question number 3/4 :lol:. (Edited to make more sense :lol:)
  2. Anyone have any ideas on how to attach the case fan to the heatsink??
  3. The fan fits into a shroud that clips to the case, it doesn't attach to the heatsink at all.
  4. The shroud doesn't have anything to 'hook' or screw to... And which way would it point? Would it blow the air back into the heatsink/CPU or pull the air out of the heasink?
  5. The fan shroud should have clips that slide into cutouts on the case, and the fan should blow air into the heatsink.
    Page 86 of the manual should give you an idea of how it is installed
  6. I thought that the air was already moving into the heatsink and toward the back of the case. Wouldn't this impede on air flow? And i see the clips you are talking about, but there isnt a set of clips where the diagram says there is. And the picture for the shroud/heatsink is all messed up, even if there were clips there, i would never have room to install a fan in the shroud itself, the heatsink is in the way.

    Oh, i just looked at a forum saying that they upgraded their heatsink, but you have an error message every time you boot up since it doesnt have dell's hardware... Do you know?
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