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hi, wanted to buy alienware aurora. did tons of research and everybody says BUILD YOUR OWN!!! doing tons more research. im a mid level a little video editing. want to build a system that will be expandable. this is where i am so far...plz any advice will help
case - antec 1200
vid card - ati radeon 5850
o.s. - windows 7
dvd/rw - not sure 30 bucks or so, not sure if it matters on brand
cpu - asus p7p55d-e pro
cpu fan - zalman 9500a
hard drive - wd caviar black
processor - core i5
ram - not sure about brands, wanna get 4 gigs
psu - corsair hx 650

like i said, any advice appreciated, somebody has to remember the first build they have
sometimes the responses are a little prepared i think !!!
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  1. i would change the case to the 300 illusion, great case with good cooling

    for RAM

    for DVD drive, go with LG, sony, pioneer, ASUS, or samsung
    but don't spend over 25 USD

    otherwise everything is good
  2. You could cheap out on your case if you wanted to, maybe an antec 300 or antec 900. Both have SUPERB airflow, just with not all the bells and whistles of the 1200.

    Whats your price range? Any budget you wanna stay under?

    Heres a pretty decent optical drive that won't break the bank:
    usually newegg has great deals on optical drives, I got mine for 20 shipped.

    And for memory, I just have a tendency to go towards G. skill (just personal)
  3. do you have any plans in the future to go multi GPU? If so, do you know if that board is compatible with crossfire?

    other than that I'd say that build is pretty solid. Some other cheaper/smaller cases would be the coolermaster HAF 922 or Antec 900. I don't know if you are looking for a ginormous case because your build doesn't necessitate it and you could save some money.

    One more thing. I highly recommend g.skill ram of any kind. (it really doesn't make a difference what you get. Just get some 1333 or 1600 ddr3 dual channel and your gravy) but g.skill has a nice lifetime warranty and it's super reliable and a good bit cheaper than corsair.

    Just throwing it out there. The corsair h50 liquid cpu cooler is only 60 bucks at best buy so you if your willing to spend an extra 10 you could have something that puts less physical stress on the board and looks pretty cool.
  4. Thx all...great advice...g skill ram seems to be popular choice price range is 36..decent job and wife is being nice to me i have some a few youtube vids while doing my research...i picked the 1200 cuz honestly, i like all the blue and the bells and whistles u can add...i know it may sound a little silly but i just dig the big window. thats why i chose the zalman cpu all...
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