Best graphics card for my set-up

Basically, I need to update my graphics card. I'm not able to upgrade my power supply, and I'm not sure what my normal power consumption is for the computer, nor do I have any way of checking. Anyway, my set-up:

Windows XP SP3
Compaq Presario SR1180UK
1GB RAM (upgrading to 2/3 shortly)
300W PSU
250GB Hard Disk
2 CD drives
ATi x600 PRO
VGA Monitor

I'm looking to get a card that will be able to run games for the next few years, as I can't afford to keep upgrading. Thanks for your help.
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  1. Well, that power supply is very low, and I beleive the x600 Pro is AGP am I correct ? Or is it PCI-E ? Anyways, how much are you willing to spend, and have you considered a whole new system ? You could obliterate that computer with a 400-500$ build, I mean absolutely destroy it.
  2. the compaq presario has a PCI-E x16 slot

    the best card you can upgrade to is the ATI 5670, also see if you can add an extra 1GB of RAM to your PC. Don't spend a ton of cash because your PC is coming to the end of its ability to be relevant for current gaming.
  3. So, in summary, my parents have decided that the computer could do with a power supply upgrade, so that barrier has been lifted. Cheers for your advice, ct1915, up until a few hours ago we were going to buy that card, until we found a £40 720W power supply at PC World.
  4. what is your monitors native resolution?
    what is your current budget for a video card?
    don't forget to upgrade your RAM, and purchase a DVD drive if the drives listed are purely CD-Rom
  5. A cheap PSU is still just a cheap POS it doesnt matter what the wattage rating is. What 720W unit are you looking at? If its that cheap i doubt its too much better than your 300W unit.
  6. The new power supply is an ATRIX 720W. Already have DVD drives, budget is about £150 and the monitor's native resolution is 1024x768 pixels. Bought another 2GB of RAM, about to install that and power supply shortly.
  7. your monitor does not need a demanding card, the 5670 is more then enough to run games at very good performance levels. You really didn't need to upgrade your PSU for it.
  8. The thinking behind the purchasing of a Sapphire 5770 as well as the new power supply is that it will mean that the PC will be more "future-proof", so when the time comes to upgrade other parts, these will still support them.
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