HD 5770 with 8G RAM...?????

I want to buy a hd 5770 vapor-x. Did i need to upgrade my 2G RAM to 8G RAM....?

Here my spec:

550watt psu
AMD Phenomx4 955
Asus Motherboard M4A78
Cpu cooler Hyper Z600
ATI hd5770

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  1. no 2GB is just fine; who said you need 8GB??

    upgrade to 3GB+ of Ram if you run XP 64bit, Vista or Win 7
  2. +1^
    No need to get 8GB only for gaming,4GB is enough for today's games and apps
  3. Ok.... Thank.

    But if i use 8G RAM, can my computer run fastest and great..?
  4. no, ive yet to see any real word test that showed an improvement past 4GB, in fact 3GB is often more then enough for any game.

    8GB wont slow you down but it wont make anything faster
  5. +1^
    When i upgraded from 4GB to 8GB,i didn't notice much of a difference in games however my RAM usage is lower with 8GB(which it should be)and also some apps like Adobe programs benefit from it but overall 4GB is enough for today's games/apps
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