ASRock 870 Extreme3 & CM Hyper 212+

For those that were following, the problem on this thread was apparently caused by the Hyper 212+ heat sink. Apparently the bracket underneath the motherboard was touching the tray, apparently causing a short. (Yes, standoffs were used)

Anyone know why it would be touching the tray?
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  1. its just an other manufacturing problem. If your thinking about trying to fix it, dont. Youl end u voiding the warranty. Get a refund and buy a new fixed one.
  2. Wouldn't just RMAing with NewEgg with a replacement be sufficient?

    Have to RMA the RAM anyways, one stick is bad.
  3. Have you verified that back plate was installed correctly per specs, with the plate flat against the board??

    What did you do to fix it?
  4. Used the stock cooler that came with the CPU.

    Since I didn't install it, had a friend do it (who is in process of opening a computer repair shop in my small town) and I assumed she followed the directions.
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