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how do i find free-cell on windows 7
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  1. Start/Games
  2. Actually in Windows 7 its either:

    Start -> All Programs -> Games -> Freecell


    Start -> type "Freecell" into the search box.
  3. Start/Games/Freecell is quicker. ("Games" is in the right-hand column.)
  4. Ijack said:
    ("Games" is in the right-hand column.)
    So it is! I never noticed it there (shows you how much I play games...)

    Thanks for pointing this out!
  5. FreeCell? Are you serious? There are MUCH better/entertaining things to do than play FreeCell.....
  6. I see that Shadow is a Minesweeper fanboy.... :D
  7. Yeah - but the Win 7 version is AWFUL! Same game as XPs, but somehow much harder to recognise the cards!Had a losing streak of about 40 when I first tried and not much better yet, after a whole 5 days!!!!!
  8. Sorry, don't mean to hijack the thread, but I have some serious questions! What kind of GPU would guys suggest for freecell, and would it work well with minesweeper as well? I was thinking of Crossfiring a pair of 5770's, but at my resolution of 640x480, I don't know if the 128bit memory bus will be enough bandwidth for minesweeper. Should I switch to nVidia to get the physix enabled hardware? Would that be better? What about if I am still running XP? Does freecell support DX10? How about DX11? I know these are a lot of tough questions, but help please!
    Would I be able to tell the difference? I just want to make sure minesweeper doesn't lag or stutter and cause me to mess up when things start getting really intense. :) :) :)
  9. kimig - yep, the new card design frazzled me too! I've gotten used to it now, though.

    jitpub, if you've ever tried to play Win7 Freecell on a system with an old graphics card that uses the fallback XGA driver, you'll discover that your post is a lot truer than you probably suspect. It's an awful, awful pig. Really. It literally takes several seconds to drag a card from one place to another.
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