Got my SSD and I dunno how to plug it ?

Just received my crucialM4 512gb and already have a HHD 1tb seagate barracuda 7200rpm.

I hear a lot of about "raid" do I have to use this type of conection ?

Got an Asus p8z77-WS with 8 port for drives, 2 marvel 6 intel of different speed (and color).
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  1. Stick it into the Intel 6GB/s port, is this a fresh install or a secondary drive?
  2. Yep put it on the Intel 6GB port and if you are planning to have OS on it do a clean install on it with your HDD disconnected.
  3. k thanks guys its an add on my system won,t install the OS yet as I'm waiting for window8 and I never turn off my PC anyway. Will do it once I'll receive my other crucial M4 thanks guys.
  4. No, no RAID. RAID 0 can increase performance but is risky. RAID 1 is costly but not increase any performance but you are more safer. Just plug the SSD to SATA 1 and HDD to SATA 2. Make SSD bootdrive and Install Windows!
  5. By the look of your configuration, I see that you are very high end!! A GTX 680 SLI? MAN, you can get another 1TB HDD and connect that your SATA port. Make sure you plug it into 6Gbps and go for RAID 0. It can increase performance
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