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Anyone care to explain how a HDD with DOUBLE the capacity ends up costing the same thing as the WD I linked? Managed to snag the very last WD at my local microcenter for $110 but someone posted the seagate which (surprisingly) also comes with a 5-year warranty lol now I'm not sure which one to get so if anyone cares to give their opinion that would be much appreciated. Afraid I'm overlooking some glaring difference because double the capacity for the same price must be too good to be true. Thanks!

Edit: Replacing a failed drive and its main use will be school & heavy gaming so going for good price / performance
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    the same wd at microcenter been using one of those caviar black for more then 3 years and happy with it
  2. Yea I've heard nothing but great things about the WD, but just surprised that seagate also has a 5 year warranty on a drive with double the capacity.

    I've seen some sites only have the same drive with a 1-year warranty which is why I'm a bit skeptical. Maybe the WD has a lower failure rate which may be worth it since 1TB is already a lot and I don't think I'd know what to do with 2TB lol

    Thanks for your input though scout, really appreciate it :) Any other opinions as to which drive is a better buy?
  3. Just an update in case anyone else was following this thread. Went into BB and even though their site said the 2TB Seagate's had a 5-year warranty all the boxes said 1-year. Ended up returning my $110 WD to microcenter and picked up the same drive off newegg for 95$ so I'm happy with the deal I ended up getting ^_^

    After having my HDD fail ~2 years in (thank goodness for chase freedom warranty extension!), really glad I'm going WD with a 5-year this time around.
  4. you wont regret that choice have fun with mobo
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