Installing Windows 7 on "older" board

I am installing Windows 7 Ultimate/64 on a new build but the installation CD for the board is only lists Vista (ASRock P45T - slightly older technology). When I was installing the OS I used the BIOS/driver CD that came with it and only then did I realize that the drivers are too old. I stopped further installation at that point. :pt1cable:

The Windows 7/64 drivers are available from the ASRock website so I can burn them to a CD as needed.

My question is, now that the drive is partitioned and much of the installation is complete, what can I do to make sure the correct drivers/BIOS are installed. Would it be better to reformat the C drive and start over or is there a smarter way to deal with this fine mess?

Also, when should I install the driver for the DVD drive in this process? It does function with the Windows drivers but I want to make sure it is happy. (And does it really matter if the OEM driver is used?

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    let win7 install. u dont need to install any drivers. win7 will find most by itself, then u check when its dont installing in the computer managemtn console if any are missing. you dont eed cd drive drivers :)
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